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Manager's Message

Dear Parents,

In my opinion, education must be designed to teach the languages, numeracy and calculation, values, spirituality, a love for the arts, handling money, an understanding of the physical and biological processes, civics, and facts about the world in which we live. It should aim at making a child think and arrive at his own conclusions rather than find out the opinion of the Masters. I also believe that lecturing on values should be avoided and children should be assigned projects in which they learn by doing things.

Indian society is a complex mix of diverse components, each with its own history and aspirations. One has to integrate all these in order to come up with a viable theory of education. Most people have begun to consider education as a process that generates careers, and there are schools that advertise this aspect to gain more admissions. Who doesn’t want a career? Schools that build character are appreciated on public platforms but they keep shrinking on account of the unwarranted demand for fancy careers. We must strive to arrive at a balance between these two stands.

Prashant Agrawal